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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

There is always something beautiful in the world. We spend to much time searching for it, that we don't even realize that it's right in front of us..

And then, when we least expect it, we finally realize what kept us blind. And then we see it all.

Sometimes, when everthing goes wrong, and your life is falling appart. It's hard to move on. You don't want to think about it all, but at the same time you don't wan't to leave it all behind, without a fight. We forget what really is important. And only focus on the stupid things that ruins us inside. But not long ago one of my best friends reminded me that i should look on the bright side of life, and so i will try to. He even linked me the song from youtube, and i don't think it will harm you any bad to hear it to. It's hard to remember, but it's important to do.

(undskyld hvis mit engelske er forkert... stinker virkeligt til skriftlig engelsk)

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